Rising Bubble News

July 13th 2003
Rising Bubble 0.3 was released. It has new bubbles, just to make them easier on the eye. They are not the final ones, but they look good already. There is also music in the game now. Some versions of pygame have problems with music. If the game doesn't run, you can disable music with the commandline argument --nomusic or in the config file. The config file and the processing of commandline arguments are also new in this version. The game is available from the download section.

July 12th 2003
Rising Bubble 0.2 was released. It has some minor improvements, but most importantly it has now a multiplayer mode. It is a local multiplayer mode, where two players sit at the same computer. A multiplayer mode over the network will follow in a later version.

June 27th 2003
Rising Bubble 0.1.1 was released. It is a small release before major rewrites are done. It adds some basic sounds to the game.

June 20th 2003
Version 0.1 of Rising Bubble was released. It is already playable in single player mode. The bubbles move as they should.